5 Sexy Fall Date Ideas

5 Sexy Fall Date Ideas

Autumnal amusements seem to be more about fun for kids than playtime for adults. Pumpkin patches. Apple picking. Hayrides. The start of a new school year brings an excuse for students to entirely reinvent their style statements (not to mention the perks of both recess AND lunchtime). Adults don’t really get to revamp our entire wardrobes regularly. We eat at our desks sometimes. Workout when required. Halloween comes next, bringing bags of free candy for children, but if adults go door-to-door asking for food...well, it’s just not the same, is it?

A lot of advice about how to take advantage of the season will suggest these kinds of activities for a date. “Fall in love with fall! Hayrides are fun for everyone! It’s romantic!” Please! Hay is scratchy on the skin and horses can smell really, really bad. It’s not romantic. Some kid at the cider mill is having an emotional breakdown because they are out of doughnuts. It’s not sexy. Don’t do it.

Instead seek out ways to celebrate fall without falling prey to cheesy, misguided attempts at romance. What is sexy? Spontaneity! And perhaps the ability to devise a date idea without the horror of being buried in dead leaves.

Hike Up the Passion

Go for purity and look for opportunities that capture autumn’s natural glow. It’s still warm enough to enjoy the great outdoors, and a secluded hike ending with a beautiful view at sunset...that’s romance. Add in a quickie in the wilderness for “that was also hot” time together.

Harvest Some Love

As the leaves change so does the wine, and thus it’s time for harvesting! Many wineries make some of their harvesting practices open to the public, which is a super educational date, with a twist of alcohol. Fall offers the superlative moment to arrange a wine tasting date, and maybe after a little buzz everything will seem sexy. Plus, a walk through the vines oozes romance and creates an opening for making out amongst the grapes.

Heat Things Up

A beachfront bonfire shelters you both with warmth and delivers a golden infused radiance that flatters, building uber-ambience. Snuggling up in a blanket on the beach at night is the ultimate in sexy date night romance. First step is making sure you won’t need a city permit, but many beaches across the U.S. don’t require this.

Bring the Buzz

Learn how to make lattes like a pro! Take a class together and get schooled in the precise technique for brewing the perfect cup of coffee. A crisp fall day is the absolute best time to experience the love for a great cup with the one you love. Or may love. Or just desire very badly. Foamy cappuccino mustaches are sexy and fun to lick off each other.

Brew Your Own Passion

Let them have Halloween, make your play instead during Oktoberfest. A date that involves beer swigging and lederhosen is representative of the messy side of sexy fun. Local bars get crazy, evoking a party theme that delights in the German mastery of brewing. Spend the date taste-testing each other’s pilsners and doppelbocks and Wiesenbiers, either from the glass, the lip...the tongue...dealer’s choice.