Choosing The Best Lube: Silicone VS. Water Lubricants

Choosing The Best Lube: Silicone VS. Water Lubricants

It’s okay to talk about lube. Really. In fact, let’s say it out loud together, “lube.” See? No fire, no brimstone…just a comfortable conversation about how your sex life can get even better!

Your car needs an oil change because of a simple thing called friction. The individual parts of an engine are continually rubbing up against each other while in motion, creating heat and resistance. Keeping those engine parts lubricated helps it all to work together with fluid precision.

Officially, this is the purpose of any ‘lubricant,’ to diminish friction. Of course, a little rubbing against someone can be fun, but chafing and dryness are a huge hindrance when trying to please your partner (or yourself!). Lube can offer a whole new category of delight in the bedroom; you just need to know how to pick the right product for your sexcapade needs.

The ultimate debate commences: silicone vs. water.

On one hand, silicone has staying power, making it a better contender for longer lovemaking sessions or marathon masturbating. It can also be the preferred choice for anal sex, since silicone won’t dry out and require reapplication as often as a water-based substance. And speaking of water, when it comes to sex in the shower, the hot tub, the pool, the ocean…silicone is the lube that doesn’t let you down. Works wonders for all kinds of water playtime activities! Silicone is also slick and thick and smooth, like Travolta in his dancing days. The slippery, soft sensation can be soothing to delicate private parts, and silicone is a very skin safe ingredient. People with sensitivity or allergies generally don't have reactions to silicone lube because it’s hypoallergenic.

Next comes the downside. Silicone products can ruin your sex toys, so there shouldn’t be any silicone on silicone action, or the surface may degrade over time. Also, silicone based lubricants are not fabric friendly. If you get silicone lube on sheets or clothing you will need to stop, drop and treat that stain right away. Lastly, personal preference dictates that some will find silicone to be not similar enough to our own natural juiciness.

The stellar news about watery lubes is that a less weighty composition provides a more natural feeling, not as sticky. Closer to what the body produces instinctively. Water adds moisture during intimacy, making for a more comfortable ride in general. Your sex toys will be out of harm’s way and sheets will rinse clean effortlessly. Water-soluble lubes leave no residue behind on your skin; the product will be absorbed gradually.

Yayyy! You can apply more and more lube, as much as you want! Boooo! You may need stop in the heat of the moment to reapply!

The biggest advantage water has over silicone is all about the oral…no one wants the taste of non-edible silicone on their tongues, but flavor enhanced water-based lubes are the bomb. Add a sweet twist (vanilla, banana, chocolate, licorice, gelato, etc.) and the human body tastes like birthday cake. Something truly to celebrate!

Most important to note is that while both silicone and water based lubricants are generally safe for use with latex condoms (and other forms of contraception such as a dam or diaphragm), oils and moisturizing creams can reduce the efficacy and cause breakage. Read carefully and choose wisely!

Now go out there and have super crazy good lubricated sex! Whether you are with a lover or for just a party of 1, lube is going to be the most easy to use sex toy you will ever own. Don’t be embarrassed. Tell everyone.